Humanitarian + Sustainability Consulting.

Celebrate change, don’t suffer it.

The space between a problem and its solution is the territory of creation. 

 As delivering humanitarian and sustainaility results becomes more demanding, organisations need to become more agile. Understanding how we shape the future with today's decisions is key. Businnes transformation is hard, with no two needs ever the same.

Disruption and re-invention doesn’t have to be painful.

The future is not some place we go to - it is a place we build.

From ideation through planning and  design. More than 14 years experience supporting organisations to lead through evolution,

Humanitarian foresight:
Studies to define what’s next  so organisaitons can make smarter decisions today

I help clients identify innovation dirvers and how a trend is evolving to unlock creative opportunties  Technology and fashion do trend research and analysis and I apply those techniques for the humanitarian and sustainability world. Studies to help understand the past to better visualise the future. Its like  archeology but for the future.  

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Futures design :
Advise on businnes identity and  strategy

I work wth organisations  who need an extra hand  disriupting themselves.  I help them clarify the state of play to identify opportuntie and rationalise them into different versions of the future. This forms the basis for clear visions that staff can easily grasp, own and share and efficient roadmaps that matches their ambition.  

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People centered program development:
Empower people out of shock and poverty through money not stuff

I accompany organisations that want to  switch to a more efficient and dignified way  of empowering vulnerable people. Cash transfers work to deliver humanitarian and sustainability objectives (not only financial inclusion). With more than 12 years experience in cash programming I’m an expert in quality design, reviews and evaluaitons.  

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Paula Gil Baizan

Holistic, audiacious, prospective.

Paula Gil Baizan has a record of accurately predicting trends through an unwavering ability to research and define what’s new. Her forecasts promote innovation and unlock creative opportunties, blending visionary thinking with pragmatic direction. Paula works as an advisor offering specific solutions in regards to future visioning, change management and strategy development. She shares her knowledge during seminars and blogs. An intuitive thinker, Paula has worked for some of the world’s best known humanitarian organisations.

Current projects

Can behavioural insights transform the humanitarian sector?

Behavioural economics meets cash transfer programming

The humanitarian sector hasn’t fully realised that through the increased use of technology and cash programming, the power to decide how assistance is used has shifted from traditional humanitarian agencies and donors to the actual beneficiaries of aid. This radically affects humanitarian’s ability to directly generate impact, so their role and approaches needs to change. Programs need to be designed around beneficiaries. We need to improve our understanding of how vulnerable people make decisions so we are able to identify ways to enable them to make the best possible choices.

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Finding, aggregating and curating humanitarian disruption

Aggregating to increase coherence and use of innovation

I’m scoping a project for a humanitarian innovation aggregator. The plan is to work with ideas, products and people to broker collaboration to make aid smarter. The objective is to bring coherence to the humanitarian innovation ecosystem so great ideas evolve into prototypes. Products build on each other, share functionality and have an easy entry point to penetrate the market. We also aim to convene disruptive thinkers and enable them through tools and insight to lead change in a sustainable way.


SEMPO: Creating digital vulnerability profiles

A startup to deliver direct cash grants using online data for targeting

Sempo is  reinventing disaster response. We build technology to spend less resources (money, staff, time) finding vulnerable people, and more resources empowering them out of a crisis. We enable individuals to rapidly send relief in the form of money to affected people around the world. Our platform empowers affected individuals to drive their own recovery from day one without having to wait for NGOs. Sempo operates as rigorously as traditional NGOs, but with increased transparency and less overheads.

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Are perverse incentives delaying critical reform

Political economics of humanitarian reform

The overall message seems to be that donors have good intentions for reform that are being thwarted by operational agencies who are unwilling to collaborate. But while commitment and desire to improve from all parties is needed, there is a bigger issue at play. The problem lies in understanding who is the real agent of change and how that power is going to be used

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The strategic space for humanitarian ID

Approaching ID as a solution not a product

Humanitarians know we need to get much better at safeguarding the data we collect from the people we aim to serve. ID is a complex issue that challenges the foundations of a segmented sector reluctant to approach technology as anything but an asset for competition. To solve the problem of humanitarian ID, we would need to approach technology in a new way. But new ideas can only thrive in old structures if unique space is created for them to grow and blossom. What does that space look like for ID and who is truly able to provide it?

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Let’s learn from each other


The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Disrupt yourself before something else does.